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Weapons and Equipment

The members of the Slovenian Armed Forces are its most important, professional and effective element. However, they are not the only factor in ensuring that their functions and the mission of the organization which they serve are carried out in a safe and effective way. In addition to personnel, operational readiness, sustainability and collective operation, military weapons and equipment are the most important elements of combat power. According to Military Doctrine, weapons and equipment must ensure the survivability of trained SAF service members in theatre and their effective operation in the most arduous circumstances. Ideally, they must surpass the enemy’s weapons and equipment in terms of technology, which provides an advantage over the enemy in combat.


To this end, the Slovenian Armed Forces, through the Ministry of Defence, strives to ensure conditions for the safe operation of SAF member adapted to contemporary challenges by providing safe, effective, state-of-the-art weapons and equipment. The basis for the implementation of investment in weapons and equipment in the Slovenian Armed Forces are the General Long-Term Development and Equipping Programmes of the Slovenian Armed Forces, and the medium-term defence programmes for the implementation of them.


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