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Defence and Military Terminology

The Slovenian Armed Forces pay special attention to Slovenian defence and military terminology.

In the past, defence and military terminology was collected in  paper dictionaries, and now it is collected in the process of digitalization in a terminological database to allow regular updating. The terms included in the database are mutually agreed upon and published as the online dictionary MOTerm.


MOterm is a multilingual terminology dictionary which covers terms in English, Slovene and French. It includes defence and military professional terminology, deriving from NATOTerm/TermOTAN and other reliable sources.

The MOterm dictionary contains standardized terms from the fields of defence and the military, approved by the Terminology Standardization Commission at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia. These terms are recommended for use in documents and other forms of communication.

The contents of the terminology database, which forms the basis of the MOterm dictionary, are the result of cooperation between subject-matter experts and linguists from the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia.

Access to the dictionary:


Mountain Warfare Dictionary Handbooks (2013):

Other dictionaries:

*NOTE: These dictionaries have been developed over a long period of time in the framework of different projects. The most current terminology can be found in the MOterm dictionary, while the above-listed dictionaries serve as reference when terminology is not available elsewhere.

ARTICLES (in Slovene)

  1. Sodobni vojaški izzivi/Contemporary Military Challenges – thematic issue
  2. Strojno prevajanje
    Description of the beginnings, development and future of machine translation; presentation of statistical machine translation and examples of machine translation tools that enable translation into and from Slovene
  3. Slovenski vojaški jezik ali podjezik?
    Definition of the term sublanguage, problems of defining the modern Slovene military language as a sublanguage or professional part of the general language
  4. Natova terminologija odslej tudi na svetovnem spletu
    Presentation of NATO's NATOTerm terminology database, its composition, design and use, and the availability of official NATO terminology online
  5. Z roko v roki (za boljše prevode)
    The importance of cooperation between linguists and subject-matter experts in the translation of professional texts
  6. Slovnicoslovje
    Description of the problems of corpus linguistics, the question of the adequacy of corpora and intuition in the research of grammar and the importance of spontaneous speech and writing
  7. Angleške besede iz strelskih jarkov
    Examples of newly coined words and their definitions; examples of terms derived from military terminology and used in everyday language
  8. Metafore iz angleškega vojaškega izrazoslovja
  9. Terminologija v službi in družbi človeka
    Summary of the NATO Conference on Terminology Management and its highlights; the most important aspects of terminology and its development in the future
  10. Terminološki kotiček v reviji SV - 2013, XXI/2 (uvodnik)
    Military Specialist - special category of military personnel
  11. Terminološki kotiček v reviji SV - 2013, XXI/3
    AAP-6, English-Slovene Military Terminology Dictionary , aircraft, certification, civilianization, combat identification, conduct of operations, core planning team, crisis establishment, dummy, dummy ammunition, SiMES, interoperability, mission, logistic sustainment
  12. Terminološki kotiček v reviji SV - 2013, XXI/4
    aircraft, targeting and their Slovene equivalents
  13. Vojaška terminologija
    The article on Slovene military terminology presented at the Terminology Summer School, which took place from 4 to 6 September 2008 at the Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. It includes a historical overview of the development of the Slovene military professional language. It describes its current situation, and emphasizes the importance of a coordinated and cooperative relationship between linguists and military experts.


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