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Deputy Chief of the General Staff

Deputy Chief of the General Staff Brigadier General Franc Koračin


Brigadier General Franc Koračin was born on 27 March 1966 in Murska Sobota. He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in 2015. 



1989Military Academy - engineering, officer
1999Command and Staff School: Senior Staff Course
2008 Command and Staff School: General Staff military education and training


1989-1991 Platoon Leader - Counter Sabotage Platoon, 73rd Regional Territorial Defence Headquarters
1991-1992Squad Leader – active component platoon, 73rd Regional Territorial Defence Headquarters
1992-1993 Platoon Leader - 1st Infantry Battalion, 72nd Brigade
1993-1996   HHQ Company Commander - 1st Infantry Battalion, 72nd Brigade
1996-1998   Operations Assistant - 1st Infantry Battalion, 72nd Brigade
1998-2001   Deputy Commander - 1st Infantry Battalion, 72nd Brigade
2001-2004   Commander - 172nd Infantry Training Battalion  and Ptuj Barracks 
2004-2009 Commander - 670th Headquarters Logistics Battalion and Slovenska Bistrica Barracks
2009-2009 Chief, G4, Doctrine Development Education and Training Command
2009-2011 Deputy Chief, G4, SAF Force Command
2011Section Chief - J4, General Staff
2011- 2012 Deputy Commander, 1st Brigade and Light Battalion Battle Group Commander
2012 – 2018Commander - 72nd Brigade and General Maister Barracks
2018 – 2019Assistant to Chief of the General Staff of the SAF
2019-2022 Deputy Force Commander
2022Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the SAF




  • 2012 Deputy Commander, EU Brigade – SAF Contingent Commander in the EU Brigade
  • 2012 Director – International Military Exercise »ADRIATIC STRIKE 2012«
  • 2014 Deputy Director – International Military Exercise »CLEVER FERRET 2014 «
  • 2016 Co-Director International Military Exercise »IMMEDIATE RESPONSE-16«


Combat Commemorative Badge "Gornja Radgona"
Commemorative Badge "Defended the Homeland"

Bronze Medal of General Maister with Swords

Silver Medal of General Maister
Bronze Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
Silver Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
Gold Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals of the Chief of the General Staff of the SAF
Gold, Silver and Bronze Swords of the SAF Force Command
Medal of the 1st Brigade, Grades I, II and III 
Silver Medal of the 72nd Brigade
Gold Medal of the 670th Headquarters Logistics Battalion
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals of the 1st Infantry Battalion, 72nd Brigade
Silver and Bronze Badges of the 7th Regional Territorial Defence Headquarters
Bronze Medal of the Command and Staff School
Bronze Badge of the Civil Protection (2x)


After graduating from the Military Academy of the Yugoslav People’s Army (YPA) in 1989, he started his military career in the Territorial Defence of the Republic of Slovenia as a reserve officer. He was appointed commander of the Counter-Sabotage Platoon – a special platoon in the then Gornja Radgona municipal headquarters and the 73rd Regional Territorial Defence Headquarters Ljutomer. He was first employed in the "14. OKTOBER" Chamber of Craft of Gornja Radgona in 1989. In 1990, his platoon was on standby to intervene in the event of possible confiscation of recruitment documents by the YPA. During the War of Independence he was actively involved in combat activities in Gornja Radgona. In the same year, he interrupted his studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics (fourth year) and joined the Territorial Defence in an active-component platoon in Ljutomer. He gained a lot of experiences in staff and command duties, which he performed at various levels of command and control, including the international environment as Deputy Commander of the European Brigade. Under his leadership, two battalions were formed, the 172nd Infantry Training Battalion and the 670th Headquarters Logistics Battalion. The latter incorporated the first SAF unit formed and affirmed according to NATO standards, namely the Transport Company of the 670th Headquarters Logistics Battalion. When he was Commander of the 72nd Brigade, the Brigade successfully transformed and built up the capability of a Motorised Battalion Battle Group (MOTBBSk), and was the first SAF unit to successfully pass a combat readiness review under the supervision of international observers and in accordance with the criteria applicable in the Alliance. He has also gained experience in numerous Slovenian and international exercises, in the activities related to flood relief, the aftermath of glaze ice, in the provision of support to the Ministry of the Interior in managing the refugee and migrant crisis, and in the field of civil-military cooperation. He is a veteran of the 1991 War for Slovenia.


He is married to Darinka, with whom he has two sons, Jure and Žiga. He is an amateur painter and participant of the General Maister art workshops. He has participated in numerous exhibitions at the Ministry of Defence and has had a solo exhibition in Slovenska Bistrica. 


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