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Serving the homeland

The Slovenian Armed Forces is the defence force of the Republic of Slovenia. Its mission and functions are set out in the Defence Act. The mission of the Slovenian Armed Forces is to provide military defence of the Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with its Allies, deter military aggression against the Republic of Slovenia, establish sovereignty across the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia, and contribute to international peace and stability in the Alliance and beyond.

Dear visitors,
Welcome to the renewed website of the Slovenian Armed Forces.


I am pleased that on the occasion marking 30 years since the beginning of military service in Slovene language in Slovenia, and on the eve of the Slovenian Armed Forces Day, we are providing the public with easier and more transparent access to all information about our, Slovenian Armed Forces.

I am certain that the published contents will provide a lot of interesting facts about us, our work and tasks. I also allow for the possibility, however, that in places, we might have expressed ourselves poorly or awkwardly. Since, I believe that we can only be stronger if unified and united, I invite you to address constructive suggestions for the improvement of our contents to our Public Affairs Department (

For us, members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, I can say that we win. Not because we are the best, the greatest, and have the best equipment, but because we never give up in our endeavours to be better. Thank you for supporting us in this.


Ljubljana, 14 May 2021

Major General Robert Glavaš

Chief of the General Staff

Slovenian Armed Forces

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