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Force Commander

Force Commander Brigadier General Boštjan Močnik


  • Brigadier General Boštjan Močnik was born on 2 July 1974. He joined the Slovenian Armed Forces in 1998 as a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Defence and a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2008, he earned his Master’s degree in Defence Studies.

Military Education and Training

1999Officer Candidate School (SVN)
2003Officer Peace Support Operations Course (AUT)
2004Troop Leadership and Military Decision-Making Training (SVN) 
2006Infantry Captain Career Course (USA)  
2006Combative Trainer Course (USA)
2006General Staff Course (Command and Staff School)
2009Counter IED Train the Trainers Course (DEU) 
2009Counterinsurgency Leaders Course (USA)
2009COIN Train the Trainers Course (GBR)
2011Law of Armed Conflict/ROE Course (USA)
2011Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Course (USA) 
2012Battalion Commanders Course (SVN)
2017Managing Defence in the Wider Security Context Course (GBR) 
2017Defense Management Course (USA)
2018Defense Planning Course; Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA (ZDA) 
2020Royal College of Defence Studies; International Security and Strategic Leadership
Studies London (GBR)
2020King’s College London; Security and Strategy for Global Leaders (GBR) 
2023Generals, Flag Officers & Ambassadors’ Course, Rome, NATO Defense College (ITA )

Assignments in the SAF

1998Platoon Leader, Support Platoon 1/82nd Brigade
2001Company Deputy Commander, 20th Motorized Battalion
2004Company Commander, Reconnaissance and Motorized Company, 20th Motorized Battalion
2007Executive Officer, 20th Motorized Battalion
2007Senior Operational Officer, S3, 1st Brigade HQ
2009Senior Officer Specialist, Deputy Commander / Executive Officer, 74th Motorized Battalion 
2011Senior Operational Officer, Land, J-3, SAF Force Command
2013Deputy Commander, 20th Infantry Regiment
2013Commander, 20th Infantry Regiment 
2015Battlegroup Commander, 72nd Brigade
2016Chief, International Military Cooperation Section, SAF General Staff
2017Chief, Multilateral Division, Defence Policy Directorate, MoD
2017Chief, Strategic Planning Section, SAF General Staff
2018Chief, Capability Development Division, SAF General Staff
2020Commander, 1st Brigade 
2023SAF Force Commander

International Duties

2005              BiH - EUFOR ALTHEA, Commander, Reconnaissance Company; MNTFN                                       


2009              Afghanistan – SVNCON 11 ISAF, Commander and Senior National Representative, RC W HQ J3 Ground                                

2012              Afghanistan – SVNCON 18 ISAF MAT Senior Advisor                               

2015              Kosovo – SVNCON 31 KFOR, Commander and Senior National Representative, Deputy Commander, Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG W)            

Awards and Decorations

2003Bronze Medal of the 1st Brigade
2004Bronze Award of the Chief of the SAF General Staff
2004Silver Medal of the 1st Brigade
2005In the Service of Peace Medal, 1st conferral
2005Bronze Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
2005Gold Medal of the 1st Brigade
2005In the service of Peace, EUFOR Althea
2005Airborne Badge, 1st Grade 
2006Distinguished Honor Order of Saint Maurice-Pelegrinus; The National Infantry Association; USA
2006Gold Medal of the SAF Command and Staff School
2006US Armed Forces Infantry Emblem
2007Medal of the 1st Brigade, 1st Grade
2009Small Sabre of the Slovenian Armed Forces
2009Bronze Medal of the Chief of the SAF General Staff
2009NATO, ISAF Campaign Medal
2009In the Service of Peace Medal, 2nd conferral
2009Bronze Sword of the SAF Force Command
2010Silver Sword of the SAF Force Command 
2011Bronze Badge of the 74th Motorized Battalion, 8x8 “Kleščman”
2013Meritorious Service Medal CONG USA 
2013In the Service of Peace Medal, 3rd conferral
2013NATO, ISAF Campaign Medal
2013Silver Medal of the Chief of the SAF General Staff
2015In the Service of Peace Medal, 4th conferral
2015NATO BALKANS Campaign Medal 
2015NATO Meritorious Service Medal 
2016Gold Medal of the 20th Infantry Regiment
2017Commemorative Cross Per La Pace; Italian Armed Forces 
2020Royal College of Defense Studies Emblem
2021Grand Sword of the Ministry of Defence
2023Bronze Medal of General Maister
2023Golden Plaque of the Logistics Brigade
2023NATO Defense College Emblem



2000             Second Lieutenant (Junior)

2002              Second Lieutenant

2004              First Lieutenant

2007              Captain

2009              Major

2013              Lieutenant Colonel

2015              Colonel

2021              Brigadier General


Brigadier General Močnik leaves with his family at Loka pri Zidanem Mostu.

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