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Chief of Staff at the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces

Chief of Staff at the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces - Brigadier General Dean GROFF


Brigadier General Dean Groff was born on 30 October 1969 in Postojna. He joined the Slovenian Armed Forces in 1992. He obtained a master's degree in International Strategic Military Studies in 2006 and a master's degree in logistics in 2007.

Commanding and Executive Positions in the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence

  • Infantry Platoon Commander
  • Infantry Company Commander
  • Assistant to the Head of Traffic Unit, Military Police Branch
  • Commander of the 107th Military Police Company
  • Military Police Battalion Commander
  • Head of the Chief of the General Staff’s Office
  • Head of the J1 - Personnel Division, SAF General Staff
  • Deputy Defence Policy Director, Ministry of Defence
  • Head of Military Affairs Division, Ministry of Defence
  • Assistant to Chief of the General Staff


  • Bosnia in Herzegovina – SFOR, SAF Contingent Commander, Sarajevo, 2000
  • Kosovo – KFOR, SAF Contingent Commander, Prizren, 2003/2004

Military Education and Training

  • Platoon Leader Seminar
  • Officer Candidate School
  • Joint Headquarters Northeast Operational Planning & Logistic Workshop, Finland
  • Multinational Joint Logistic Centre (MJLC) Course, Germany
  • Studi internazionali strategico - militari, ISSMI, Italy
  • High Level Course
  • International Capstone Course, IASD, Italy

Awards and Decorations (Highest):


  • Gold Plaque of the 17th Military Police Battalion
  • Gold Medal of the Chief of the General Staff
  • Gold Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • General Franc Rozman Stane Medal
  • Silver Medal of General Maister



  • NATO Medal, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Italian Army Medal (2x)
  • Argentinean Gendarmerie Medal
  • NATO Medal, Kosovo 2003/2004
  • Hungarian Army Gold Medal for Cooperation

Brigadier General Groff is in a non-marital relationship and has three children. He speaks English, Italian and Serbo-Croatian. 


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