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Training Events and Exercises

Why military exercises?

Multinational military exercises help build up the skills and readiness of the participating armed forces. They also provide an opportunity for personal, professional, technical and tactical integration, which helps build more effective and responsive forces to provide for security and peacekeeping.


Defence Act:

According to Article 37 of the Defence Act, it is a task of the Slovenian Armed Forces to carry out military education and training for armed combat and other forms of military defence.

Military exercises are conducted on the basis of annual decisions by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia decides on all SAF multinational training events by means of decisions. The Slovenian Armed Forces complies with the commitments of the Republic of Slovenia and the basic guidelines of the Alliance regarding a rapid and decisive response to new security challenges, with an emphasis on strengthening deterrence and defence posture.

SAF exercises support:

  • military defence
  • target capability building
  • fighting character of the armed forces
  • ability to conduct combined arms warfare across the spectrum of conflict
  • interoperability of the SAF within the alliances



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