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Confronting an Adversary

The basic purpose of combat forces is to use firepower and manoeuvre in direct combat to defeat the adversary. Ground combat forces consist of motorized, armoured, armoured/mechanized and mountain units, as well as a Special Operations Unit and combat support units. They are organized in brigade structures and independent units under the SAF Force Command. Air operations and air support are provided by a military wing, while a naval division operates at sea. Additionally, the Slovenian Armed Forces will increasingly devote attention to non-kinetic operations against an adversary.

The Motorized Battalion is a basic unit intended for combat operations in national and collective defence and for conducting peace support operations. The Armoured and Armoured/Mechanized battalions are the main units in charge of manoeuvre warfare, while the Mountain Battalion is a combat unit intended primarily for anti-personnel operations in the mountains. The Special Operations Unit is a combat unit intended for reconnaissance, search and rescue, and other forms of special operations. Organizationally, it is able to operate as an independent or an attached unit.


Combat operations are supported by combat support forces. They are designed to provide firepower and operational support to combat forces. Combat support forces are comprised of engineer units; artillery units; intelligence and reconnaissance units; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defence units; air defence units; electronic warfare units; naval units; military police units and aviation units.

Combat service support forces are designed to provide operational capabilities and to sustain the forces. Combat service support forces consist of logistic units, airlift units, air base, naval base, and medical units.

The purpose of command support forces is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of command-and-control functions. These forces consist of HQ units, signal units and air space surveillance units.

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