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Defending the homeland

The basic purpose of defence is to repel any attack on the state, to defend its sovereignty, independence, and inviolability, and to preserve the integrity of the country within both the national security system and international security establishments.


The national defence system consists of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the non-military part of the defence system, which with its civilian capabilities and measures provides support for the functioning of the Slovenian Armed Forces and allied forces.

The national security of the Republic of Slovenia is ensured through the effective application of the rule of law and the welfare state, and adequate preparedness of capabilities to effectively respond to contemporary threats and risks.

Military defence of the Republic of Slovenia is provided by the Slovenian Armed Forces.

A responsive and effective national defence is the cornerstone of a sovereign state in ensuring its security and defence. The military defence of the Republic of Slovenia is provided by the Slovenian Armed Forces comprising its land forces and elements of air and naval components. In the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, the capabilities of the Slovenian Armed Forces must be able to operate independently or in collaboration with allied forces. The same applies to operations abroad.

They contribute to maintaining security and stability through planned development and operations, maintaining of combat readiness, military diplomacy, cooperation with other military and non-military security organizations, prevention of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and disarmament and arms control.

As an organization responsible for military defence, the Slovenian Armed Forces also faces many risks and challenges in capability development and maintaining preparedness. This is the result of decade-long austerity measures at the expense of the military and, consequently, insufficient financial resources, and lack of personnel in commands and units, as well as wear and tear, obsolescence and inoperable equipment. The Slovenian Armed Forces is still able to maintain the required level of preparedness; however there is an increased risk.

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