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Keeping abreast of time for future challenges

The goal of the development and modernization of the Slovenian Armed Forces is to achieve an appropriate response to all possible threats, and to establish an efficient and professional armed force of sufficient size equipped with modern means and weapons. The adaptation of the Slovenian Armed Forces will aim to ensure its ability to act autonomously and to take part in international security structures, and to form internationally comparable military units as part of its main defence forces. 


The Slovenian Armed Forces must be able to respond to modern security threats and challenges. It must be developed in such a way as to ensure national defence and to enable the Republic of Slovenia to be an equal member in both Euro-Atlantic and European security and defence structures.

The planned changes, which must also be sufficiently materially supported, will ensure the visibility and comparability of the Slovenian Armed Forces with other Western European armed forces. This applies in particular to the Rapid Reaction Forces and the part of the main defence forces, especially those that the Republic of Slovenia must prepare for participation in joint activities with other armed forces.

A Slovenian soldier is a warrior of the 21st century – highly qualified, and equipped and ready to work in the most challenging conditions. The individual is at the centre of the Slovenian Armed Forces and is the key element of its combat character and the most important building block of a military organization. For this reason, Slovenian soldiers will always be provided with the most modern equipment on the market, made of the best quality materials and offering appropriate protection in all conditions. The investments in the modern weapons and equipment of the Slovenian Armed Forces enable, among other things, greater combat power; safer, more efficient execution of the required tasks, and the survival and development of the members of the Slovenian Armed Forces.


The warrior of the 21st century and the capabilities of the Slovenian Armed Forces are developed from past experience and with a view to the future.

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