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Here you can find publications and articles prepared by members of the Slovenian Armed Forces and those who write about topics related to the Slovenian Armed Forces in the broadest sense of the word. You can choose from articles published in the academic journal Contemporary Military Challenges, those in internal magazines and publications, and those circulated in selected other publications.


Why is writing important?

Writing is a fundamental means of communication. Writing every day promotes discipline and employs thought and thinking. It helps solve challenges and find solutions. Writers can present their own views on the topic in question. The written word remains, and can affect the environment. Throughout the ages, people have always written. In this way, they have helped preserve the knowledge of history.

Military professional writing contributes to the development of this specialized field and profession. It helps spread knowledge and awareness and can be a good learning tool. It contributes to the development and consolidation of military thought, which remains in written form for our descendants.

In the hands of the right people, even writing is like a sword.

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