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The Slovenian Armed Forces constitute an integral part of the Slovenian state and society, which contribute to the realization of national security interests and objectives by performing assigned functions. In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, laws, and strategies in the field of national security and defence, the Slovenian Armed Forces protect and defend the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, and contribute to international security and stability.

The Slovenian Armed Forces represent the defence forces of the Republic of Slovenia. They provide military defence independently or within an alliance, in accordance with international treaties. They are one of the central pillars of the statehood of the Republic of Slovenia and the guarantor of its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.


The Slovenian Armed Forces are the military instrument of national power.


The military instrument of power of the Republic of Slovenia is the primary instrument of power for deterring attacks and defending freedom, sovereignty and the spatial integrity of the country. It is based on the membership of the Republic of Slovenia in the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union, and ensures the resilience of state and society.

Preserving and strengthening national defence capabilities and resilience is a fundamental civic responsibility of all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

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