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SLOVAKIA – enhanced Vigilance Activities (eVA)

On 23 March 2022, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia expressed the intent to deploy up to 200 Slovenian Armed Forces members, including the National Support Element and staff personnel, to the NATO battle group in Slovakia operating within the Enhanced Vigilance Activities (eVA) on rotational basis.
The eVA Enhanced Vigilance Activities within the Battlegroup includes the Czech Republic as the lead nation, Germany, Slovakia, the USA and Slovenia, together forming a Battalion Battle Group.

In the first phase, the Slovenian Armed Forces deployed 101 personnel to Lest (east of Bratislava), Slovakia. The main part of the contingent is composed of a light motorised infantry company. The SAF members will participate in peacekeeping activities, as part of the activities to ensure and maintain readiness in support of the Alliance's comprehensive and reinforced deterrence and defence posture. This includes exercises, training and other peacetime activities, including measures to protect the Battle Group's forces.

In the light of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the establishment of these units was supported at the highest political level in the Alliance, including the Republic of Slovenia. Therefore participation in this framework reflects the solidarity, responsibility and credibility of the Republic of Slovenia as a NATO member in strengthening the Alliance's deterrence and defence posture. Participation in this NATO Battlegroup will have beneficial transformational effects for the Slovenian Armed Forces in terms of enhancing their readiness, combat capacity and interoperability with allied armed forces.

The establishment of NATO eVA is a decisive message of cohesion and solidarity. These measures increase preparedness, deter aggression and clearly demonstrate NATO's firm commitment to the defence of all allies. In addition to the four existing battle groups in the Baltic States and Poland, NATO now has eight multinational battle groups from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

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