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Chief of the General Staff

Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Robert Glavaš


  • Lieutenant General Robert Glavaš was born in 1962. He joined the Slovenian Armed Forces in 1991. He completed specialization studies in transport at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport.
  • Previous employment: Galvanska oprema, Podgrad

Assignments in the SAF

  • Chief of the General Staff
  • Deputy Chief of the General Staff
  • Commander, 1st Brigade
  • Deputy Commander, 1st Brigade
  • DCOS PLANS/TREX Branch Head, Joint Force Command Naples (3 years)
  • Commander, Combat Training Centre
  • Chief J/G 3/5/7, SAF Force Command
  • Commander, Joint Operations Centre
  • Deputy Chief, J3, SAF General Staff
  • Chief of Staff, 1st Brigade
  • Commander, 10th Motorized Battalion
  • Deputy Commander, 10th Motorized Battalion
  • Commander, 142nd Infantry Training Battalion in Ilirska Bistrica
  • Battalion Commander, 2/42nd Brigade in Ilirska Bistrica
  • Chief, S 3/7 – 1/42nd Brigade in Ilirska Bistrica
  • Company Commander – 1/42nd Brigade, Ilirska Bistrica
  • Platoon Leader – 410th Training Centre, Postojna
  • 1991 – 4th District Headquarters, Territorial Defence


  • Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, Regional Command West, KFOR, Kosovo
  • Contingent Commander, ISAF, Afghanistan, and Mentor to Commander of the 207th Corps, Afghan National Army

Acquired Experiences

  • Assignments at tactical, operational and strategic levels in Slovenia and abroad
  • Chairing of various NATO exercise and training boards
  • Co-author of NATO NRF and VJTF exercises (MTEP) and their implementation into the global concept of the Rapid Action Plan (RAP)/Assurance Measures
  • Member of NATO NRF (Land) Steering Committee
  • Member of NATO Military Exercise and Training Steering Committee
  • President of the NATO CIMIC Centre of Excellence Steering Committee, The Hague
  • Command and control experience within national and multinational units/branches
  • Management of road maps for the development of EU forces (EU Rapid Response Force and EU Battle Groups)
  • Preparation and management of EXCONs for NATO NRF and VJTF exercises
  • Experiences from deployments in Kosovo and Afghanistan


  • Pivka '91,
  • Drava '96,
  • SKOK '04,
  • Cooperative Associate '03 (CPX, Bulgaria)
  • Viking '05,
  • Hawk Strike '06 (Certification Exercise, 10th Motorized Battalion, Varpalota)
  • Saber Juncture '12 – Deputy Head, EXCON
  • Naples Dark (JFCNP CPX) – Head EXCON,
  • Trident Juncture – Head of the JFCNP Validation Team
  • Naples Journey (JFCNP CPX) – Exercise Director
  • Trident Joust (JFCNP continuation exercise, deployment ROM, BLG) – Head, EXCON
  • Trident Jaguar (certification exercise for the German/Netherlands Corps and NRDC ITA) – Exercise Director
  • Table Top Exercise – Exercise Director
  • Dacian Lynx – Certification Exercise MND SE Romania – Head, EXCEN

Military Education and Training

  • Company Commander Course
  • Battalion Commander Course
  • Senior Staff Course
  • General Staff Course
  • NATO Staff Procedures Course
  • Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters Course
  • NATO Peace Support Operation Course
  • Combat Readiness Evaluation Course
  • NATO SOF seminar: The New Strategic Context
  • Asymmetric Threats and Force Protection Seminar
  • NATO Orientation Course
  • Legal Aspects of Combating Terrorism Course, COIN Course
  • C/IED Course
  • NATO Exercise Planning Course

Awards and Decorations

  • Silver Medal of General Maister
  • Bronze Medal of General Maister
  • Silver Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Bronze Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Peacekeeping KFOR Medal
  • Non-Article Five ISAF Medal
  • Bronze Plaque of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Medal of the 1st Brigade, Class II
  • Silver Plaque of the 10th Motorized Battalion
  • European Union Presidency Medal
  • Italian Medal for Cooperation
  • Decoration of Honour of the Italian Joint Defence Staff

Lieutenant General Glavaš lives with his family in Ilirska Bistrica.


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