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JUMP 2022

The exercise series JUMP 2022 consists of 17 different exercises, which will be linked to a common scenario and training environment prepared by the Force Command, taking into account the current role of the Slovenian Armed Forces in both collective and national defence. The common objective of all exercises is to test the Military Strategy in realistic training situations and to demonstrate the SAF's resolve and capacity to be ready and operational in all types of operations defined in the Military Doctrine, with emphasis on defensive, offensive, special and information operations.




Deterrence – resilience – responsiveness!


The motto of this year's series of exercises JUMP emphasises the combat character, professionalism and the basic mission of the Slovenian Armed Forces – to defend the homeland.

Credible and successful deterrence is essential for ensuring the sovereignty, spatial integrity and interests of the Republic of Slovenia. It is only trough responsiveness that we can we strengthen our crisis response capabilities at home and abroad, operate in quick-response operations and strengthen our interoperability with the Alliance.

The current global situation reveals the exposure of society to potential crises in various fields and the need to respond to and manage them effectively. In order to deter potential threats, strengthen resilience and responsiveness to rapidly changing situations, the effectiveness of military action in a changed security environment needs to be strengthened. The Slovenian Armed Forces, in cooperation with all stakeholders of the national security system, allies and partners, shall strengthen mutual trust and cooperation in order to maintain a stable and secure environment.

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