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10th multinational military exercise Adriatic Strike 2022

Joint Terminal Attack Controller exercise

Between 23 May and 5 June, the Republic of Slovenia will host the multinational exercise Adriatic Strike 2022 for the tenth consecutive time. In the exercise, the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) will collaborate with NATO and PfP member states to provide Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training with the support of air force capabilities

This year's exercise, which will be organized and conducted by the SAF’s 15th Wing Command, will train certified JTACs, shooting platform teams, commanders up to the division level, Forward Air Controllers (FACs) and special unit members.

The exercise is planned to include some 650 participants, 400 of them from 26 NATO and PfP member states, namely Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Adriatic Strike 22

JTAC training will take place at four locations around Slovenia. At the main SAF training area in Postojna, aircraft, tanks and mortars will provide fire support, while in the broad territory of the municipalities of Bohinj, Idrija and Ribnica, aircraft will only simulate air support.

This year's exercise will again include an uninterrupted 72-hour training of a platoon-level unit. The training will take place at Cerklje ob Krki, Trbovlje, Crngrob training area, Rakov Škocjan, main SAF training area in Postojna, and will conclude on Thursday, 2 June, at Bloška Polica training area. The night-time training will be supported by an aircraft flying above 1,000 metres

The first week of the exercise is dedicated to the arrival of the exercise participants, the establishment of the command and control structure and the conditions for the execution of the exercise, which will take place in the wider area and airspace of the Republic of Slovenia and its airspace. In order to ensure the safe conduct of the exercise and the safe and uninterrupted air traffic, temporary daily airspace closures will apply over the areas of operations between 09:00 and 23:00 from Monday, 30 May to Friday, 3 June. Increased noise is expected in training areas due to aircraft overflights.

Field activities, previously coordinated with the local community, will follow a pre-prepared scenario and will be as unobtrusive as possible for the surrounding area, with only a small number of troops and military vehicles on the ground, minimal use of manoeuvre ammunition, and participants using vehicles on public roads and metalled forest roads. 

Footage from the 2019 Adriatic Strike exercise is available from the video links on the right.

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