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  Armed Forces

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Excellent performance of the 3rd Slovenian eFP contingent in the integration and certification exercise of the Battalion Battle Group

In the second half of August, the 3rd Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) contingent in the multinational operation Enhanced Forward Presence in Latvia took part in Latvia's national security system exerc... read more


Successful effort of Slovenian military mentors in Iraq

In the last few weeks, members of the 2nd Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Contingent in the operation Inherent Resolve in northern Iraq have successfully accomplished the training of members of the 2n... read more


Ceremony marking the return of the 2nd Slovenian contingent from Latvia

On Friday, 13 July, a ceremony was held at Franc Rozman Stane Barracks in Celje marking the return of the 2nd Slovenian Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) contingent under the command of Captain Goraz... read more


Force Commander hosts Chief of Staff of the Italian Army

On Wednesday, 11 July, Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, General Salvatore Farina with his delegation arrived on his first official two-day visit in the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF). His host, SA... read more


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