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  Armed Forces

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Tanja Žakelj wins world military championship

Between 11 and 14 May, the municipality of Kamnik was the venue of the 30th World Military Championship in Cycling. The championship included 43 participants from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, D... read more


Sports has the power to inspire, unite and bind

The 30th World Military Championship in Cycling opened on Saturday, 12 May, in Kamnik. The race, which will be held on Sunday, 13 May, at 13:00 and includes 43 participants from nine countries (Bel... read more


SAF successfully accomplishes accreditation of the JTAC School and programme

On Wednesday, 18 April, the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) General Staff was the venue of the reporting by accreditation groups from the multinational Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee...


Joint training of the SAF 1st Brigade signal soldiers and their partner signal company C Co/54th BEB/173rd IBCT(A)

Between Monday, 9 April and Friday,13 April, members of the Signal Company of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Combat Support Battalion/1st Brigade carried out joint training of signal soldiers wit... read more


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(with the participation
of the Slovenian Armed Forces)



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