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Peace keeping

Peace is not a self-evident commodity. Contemporary security trends point to the fact that countries today, including the Republic of Slovenia, are increasingly exposed to major security risks and threats which occur in various hybrid forms of information- and cyber threats, intelligence, direct and indirect military threats, terrorism and violent extremism, illegitimate activities and illegal migration, and so on. In order to respond to such sources of threat and to ensure national security successfully, it is important to have a modern military organization capable of providing security independently or within an alliance.

Peace is based on respect for and preservation of democracy and the principles of the rule of law. Rapid changes of the settings in the international community result in security challenges and risks which can be countered successfully by modern national armed forces, as well as within NATO's collective defence principle and the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy.

Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces are involved in activities both at home and abroad. Abroad, SAF members are deployed in international operations and missions, in military representations, in the NATO Command and Force Structure, and in the implementation of the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy. Additionally, they are engaged in international organizations and bodies, and in multinational commands or staffs. The Republic of Slovenia takes an active part in all types of international operations and missions, crisis response operations, international civilian missions, and international rescue operations. By taking part in international operations and missions, we fulfil the obligations arising from Slovenia's membership in various organizations and the fair burden-sharing principle, and at the same time ensure the security of our own country.

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