Republika Slovenija
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  Generalštab Slovenske vojske
  Vojkova cesta 55
  1000 Ljubljana
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  F: +386 (0)1 471 16 50
  E: glavna.pisarna.gssv(at)



Odmevi vaje ERF

Hohenfels, Germany — The troops picked a good location to set up their mortars, down in a valley near the cover of a ridgeline. But the shouts from the Slovenian mortar men, echoing off the hillside, threatened to give away their location. “They need a middleman to deliver the instructions back and forth to each other,” said Army Capt. Brice Roberts, an observer controller at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels. “They picked a good location to set up, but the enemy will hear them if they shout like that” je uvod v prispevek z naslovom In postwar environment, US and European troops work to prove relevance Johna Vandiverja (Stars and Stripes) o vaji ERF v Nenčiji.

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