Military Schools Centre Commander

Brigadier General Vilibald Polšak

Academic title: Master of Science in Transport
Date & place of birth: 30th May 1966 in Maribor, Republic of Slovenia
Personal: Married to Metka and father to one child, Klemen


1985–1990 Transport, Technical Military Academy of Land Forces, Zagreb, Croatia

1995 NATO Logistics Course, Hamburg, Germany

1997 1st Senior Staff Course, Command and Staff School of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF), Poljče, Slovenia

1998 Course on the Exchange of Information with the USA in the Field of Logistics, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2005 Course on Logistics Operational Planning in NATO, Oberammergau, Germany

2000–2007 Postgraduate Course on Road Traffic, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

2008 5th General Staff Course, Command and Staff School SAF -TRADOC, Poljče, Slovenia.


1990–1991 Teacher and lecturer of Traffic Safety at the Land Forces Technical Schools Centre (CVTŠ), Zagreb, Croatia.

1991–1992 Officer for support branches at the Territorial Defence District Staff in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia.

1992 Commander of the Infantry Training Platoon at the 710th Training Centre in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia.

1992–1995 Assistant for Transport and Maintenance of Materiel in the 7th Territorial Defence Regional Staff in Maribor, Slovenia.

1995–1997 Assistant for Logistics Operations in the 7th Territorial Defence Regional Staff in Maribor, Slovenia.

1998 1st Senior Staff Course at the Command and Staff School of the SAF. Chief of S4 (Logistics) in the Multinational Land Force Brigade (Slovenia, Italy, Hungary). He established and managed the National Movement Coordination Centre (NMCC) at the NATO "Cooperative Adventure Exchange 98" exercise (CAE'98), with the task of Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) of the NATO Brigade arriving to the Republic of Slovenia (5.000 service members and 2.500 vehicles).

1998–2001 Chief of Transport Section of the SAF General Staff, Ljubljana, Slovenia. SAF Representative in working groups on transport in NATO, such as MAG (Movement and Transport Advisory Group), M&T WG (Movement and Transport Working Group) and PBEIST (Planning Board for European Inland Surface Transport).

2001–2004 Chief of Logistics Planning Branch of the SAF General Staff in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Representative of the SAF military logistics development and of the military logistics working groups in NATO – LOG WG (Logistics Working Group), LSM (Logisticians Staff Meetings) and SNLC (Senior NATO Logisticians' Conference).

2004–2005 Chief of Military Logistics Division, SAF General Staff – responsible for the integration of the SAF into NATO in the fields of military logistics, information flows and military infrastructure.

2005–2006 Deputy Chief of Logistics in the EUFOR Command in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Commander of the Slovenian EUFOR Contingent.
2006–2009 Deputy Chief of Logistics Division in the SAF Force Command, Vrhnika, Slovenia. Responsible for the logistics planning related to the preparation of units for deployment in NATO crisis response operations.

In 2007 he wrote a MSc thesis "Rationalisation of Internal and External Costs Related to the Driving of a Vehicle by the Method of Planned Driving" as a part of the Road Transport Programme at the University of Maribor, Slovenia.
In 2008 he completed the 5th General Staff Military Education and Training of the SAF. His final thesis was "Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Military Logistics Management".

2009–2010 Chief of the Logistics Division of the SAF Force Command, where he led the logistics planning of SAF forces on the operational level.

2010–2012 Commander of the Support Command (Logistics Brigade level), which also represents the SVN Ljubljana Garrison for SAF.

2012–2013 Commander of the Doctrine and Development Center (DDC) in TRADOC SAF.

2013–2015 Deputy Commander of the 72nd Infantry Brigade from JUN/13 and deploy in ISAF mission from SEP/13 as National Contingent Commander (NCC/SNR) of Slovenian forces in ISAF until APR/14.

On 4 May 2015 he was appointed Commandant of the Military Schools Centre. He is also a member of Central Europe Military Education Forum and NATO/PfP Conference of Commandants of Defence Colleges.