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SAF Command Senior Enlisted Leader

SAF Command Sergeant Major Igor Tomašič

Command Sergeant Major Igor Tomašič was born on 23 February 1964 in Slovenia.


• 2003: Bachelor from Faculty of Public Management & Administration, University of Ljubljana

Basic military education
• 1983: Squad Leader Course (Air Defence)

Advanced and senior military education
• 2000: SAF Advanced NCO Course
• 2007: Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer Course, Canadian Defence Academy
• 2011: NATO Command Senior Enlisted Leader Course, NATO School Oberammergau

Additional military education
• 1992: Training Centre Instructor Course
• 1996: SAF Platoon Leader Course
• 2005: British Army Senior Sergeant Major Course, BMATT
• 2006: NATO Senior NCO Orientation Course, NATO School Oberammergau
• 2008: International Senior NCO Development Seminar, George C. Marshall Centre
• 2009: US Army Combat Stress Control SNCO Course, IMET
• 2015: Psychology of Leadership Course, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


Since July 2009: SAF Command Senior Enlisted Leader


• 1983–1992: Squad and Platoon Leader in Territorial Defence Reserve Component

• 1992: Training Instructor in the 510th Territorial Defence Training Centre
• 1993–1994: Training Squad Leader
• 1994–1996: Platoon Leader
• 1996–1998: Squad Leader in the 2nd Battalion of the 52nd Brigade
• 1998–2001: Staff NCO in the Battalion Command
• 2001–2002: Senior NCO in the Brigade Command
• 2002–2003: Development SNCO in the Working Project Group for the Development of SAF NCO Corps
• 2003–2005: Senior NCO IC for Personnel and Education (SAF General Staff)
• 2005–2008: General Staff J1 Senior Enlisted Adviser
• 2008–2009: Joint Personnel Division Senior Enlisted Leader (SAF General Staff)


• 1998: Participant of the Cooperative Adventure Exchange military exercise
• 2005: Representative of SAF NCO Corps in NATO
• 2009: Co-founder and active member of the Senior NCO Forum (Central and South East Europe)
• 2013-2014: Adviser to ANATEC SEL and ANDU SEL and SEL NTM-A/UTAG, Afghanistan


He has been awarded several decorations by the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence. The most important include: Silver Sign of the 510th Initial Training Centre, Silver Decoration of the 52nd Brigade, Bronze and Gold Medal of the Non-Commissioned Officer School, Bronze and Silver Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Silver and Gold Medal of the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces. His decorations include also NATO Non-Article 5 ISAF Medal, US Amy SGT Morales Medal and CISOR Silver Medal of Merit.


Command Sergeant Major Tomašič is married to Helena and they have a daughter Alenka.


After graduating from high school, Command Sergeant Major Tomašič was called up for military service, where in 1983 he completed the Air Defence Squad Leader Course. He began his military career as squad and platoon leader in Territorial Defence reserve units. In 1991, he actively participated in the War for independence of Slovenia and in the beginning of 1992 began professional member of the new Slovenian Armed Forces. So far, he has performed a number of staff and leadership duties at various levels and also gained a lot of instructor experience. He invested considerable effort in the development and role of a modern NCO Corps and has in this respect authored and co-authored different documents, publications and programs, both, in Slovenia and within the Alliance. He also has rich international experiences. Since 2005, he has been member and coordinator of the Slovenian Army SNCO board, which has represented Sergeant Major of the Armed Forces to Chief of Staff and representative in the NATO NCO Corps. He was one of initiators of significant regional NCO events as International Regional SNCO Forum in the Central and Southeastern Europe and NATO and PFP NCO Winter Camp. From March 2013 to February 2014 he was deployed to ISAF where he served as NTM/A UTAG (Unified Training Advisory Group) CSEL as well as Senior Enlisted Adviser to ANATEC CSM and ANDU CSM.