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  Armed Forces

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Chief of the General Staff

Major General Andrej Osterman

Major General Andrej Osterman was born on 4 October 1960 in Kranj.


• 1986: Bachelor of Laws (Faculty of Law, Ljubljana)
• 2005: Master of Laws (Faculty of Law, Ljubljana)
• 2010: PhD (Faculty of Logistics, Celje)

• 1979 - 1981:  Reserve Officer School (during military service)
• 1999 - 2000: General Staff Course (Command and Staff School, SAF)    
• 2001: Senior executive seminar 01-5; College of International and Security studies (Marshall Center, Germany)

• Management
• Leadership
• Comprehensive Approach to Peace Operations in the Balkans

• 1981: Second Lieutenant
• 1985: First Lieutenant
• 1989: Captain
• 1993: Captain 1st Class
• 1993: Major
• 1995: Lieutenant Colonel
• 1997: Colonel
• 2009: Brigadier General
• 2014: Major General

13 October 2014:  Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces


• 1991 - 1992: Chief of Training Section, 3rd Territorial Defence Regional Headquarters, Kranj
• 1992 - 1993: Commandant, 510th Training Centre, Ljubljana
• 1993 - 1994: Chief, Military Unit Officer School
• 1995 - 1999: Deputy Director, Intelligence and Security Service
• 1999 - 2001: Advisor to the SAF Chief of the General Staff 
• 2002 - 2002: Chief of the Personnel Division, SAF General Staff
• 2002 - 2004: Chief of the Personnel and Legal Affairs Division, SAF Force Command
• 2004 - 2005: Chief of Staff, SAF Force Command
• 2005 - 2008: Chief, SAF Doctrine and Development Centre 
• 2008 - 2008: Chief, SAF Verification Centre
• 2008 - 2009: Commander, SAF Support Command
• 2009 - 2012: Deputy Commander, SAF Force Command
• 2012 - 2014: Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces

• 2005 - 2008: National representative to NATO Committee for Standardisation
• 2008 - 2009: National representative to  National Advisory Group

• Gold Award of the Chief of the General Staff
• Gold Medal of General Maister
• Silver Medal of General Maister
• Bronze Medal of General Maister
• Silver Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
• Bronze Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
• “For Slovenia” Memorial Badge
• “Manoeuvre Structure of National Defence” Memorial Badge
• Gold Medal of the Doctrine, Development, Education and Training Command
• Gold Medal of the Support Command
• Gold Plaque of the Doctrine Development, Education and Training Command
• Silver Sword of the SAF Force Command
• Gold Plaque of the Military Unit Officer School
• Silver Plaque of the Military Schools Centre


• Plaque of the Slovenian Officers Association
• Cooperation Award of the Ministry of the Interior
• Commendation of  the Association of Military Mountaineers of the Republic of Slovenia


Major General Osterman is married to Sonja and they have two children.

In 1986, Major General Osterman acquired his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law, Ljubljana. In 2004, he completed master’s studies at the same faculty (“Law and State Theory” programme). In 2010, he obtained his PhD in System Logistics from the Faculty of Logistics in Celje. In addition to post-graduate education, he also completed various military education programmes.
Major General Osterman began his military career in 1981 as a reserve officer in a detachment of the Territorial Defence Regional Headquarters in Tržič. In 1991, he took up permanent employment in the Territorial Defence. So far, he has performed various staff and command duties at various command and control levels. He was member of the Manoeuvre Structure of National Defence and is a veteran of the 1991 War for Slovenia.

For several years, he has been member of the Employment Appeals Commission of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. He was a member of the Science and Technology Council of the Slovenian Armed Forces, member of the Council of Experts for the Targeted Research Programme “Science for Security and Peace” and Council for Technological Programmes “Technology for Security and Peace 2006 – 2012”. He has given a number of lectures in the Slovenian Armed Forces and at different faculties and has authored and co-authored several articles and conference papers in Slovenia and abroad.

He is member of the Union of Veterans of the War for Slovenia, Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence, Slovenian Officer Association and Association of Military Mountaineers of the Republic of Slovenia.

Major General Osterman is married and lives in Breznica, the municipality of Žirovnica.