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Chief of the General Staff

Major General Alenka Ermenc

Major General Alenka Ermenc was born in 1963 in Ljubljana.

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University in Ljubljana (Bachelor of Political Studies). She joined the Territorial Defence of the Republic of Slovenia in 1991 and was awarded the Bronze Medal of General Maister with Swords for her active participation in the War for Slovenia. 

In 2008, Major General Ermenc graduated from the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. In 2009, she completed her postgraduate studies at the King's College University of London and obtained the Master of International Studies degree.

Her assignments in the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) include a tactical-level command duty and operational- and strategic-level staff duties related to operations, personnel and training. In the multinational forces operation KFOR, she served as Chief of the Personnel Department at KFOR Headquarters (NATO HQ KFOR), a substitute to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Support (DCOS SPT HQ KFOR), and an adviser on personnel matters to KFOR Commander. Throughout her career, she has actively participated in a number of SAF exercises in Slovenia and abroad, as well as in NATO and EU crisis management exercises. Additionally, she has been a member of various interministerial and sectoral project- and working groups, boards and commissions.


• 1991–1992: operations desk officer, Territorial Defence Republic Headquarters
• 1992–1993: assistant, Operations and General Affairs Branch, Territorial Defence Republic Headquarters
• 1993–1995: planning, analysis and Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe desk officer, Planning and Analysis Branch, Territorial Defence Republic Headquarters
• 1996–1998: planning and analysis assistant, Planning and Analysis Branch, SAF General Staff
• 1998–2001: independent assistant for exercises of SAF Commands and Units, Training Branch, SAF General Staff
• 2001–2004: Chief, OSCE Documents, Planning, Analysis and Informatics Section, SAF Verification Centre
• 2004–2005: Chief, Planning, Analysis, Informatics and Logistics Section, SAF Verification Centre
• 2005–2006: Commander, Intelligence and Reconnaissance Battalion, SAF
• 2006–2008: Chief, Personnel Division, SAF Force Command
• 2009–2011: Chief, Joint Personnel Division, SAF General Staff
• 2011–2012: Deputy Director of Staff, SAF General Staff
• 2012–2013: Director / Chief of Staff, SAF General Staff
• 2013–2014: Assistant Chief of the General Staff
• 2014–2017: Assistant Chief of the General Staff – Chief, Joint Operations Division
• 2017–2018: Assistant Chief of the General Staff
• 2018: Deputy Chief of the General Staff, SAF
• 2018: Chief of the General Staff, SAF


She was promoted to the rank of Major General on 16 November 2018.

For her work in the military and defence field, Major General Ermenc has received the following decorations: Bronze Medal of General Maister with Swords, Silver and Gold Medal of General Maister, Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Bronze Plaque of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Gold Plaque of the Verification Centre, Silver Decoration of the SAF Command and Staff School, Bronze and Silver Sword of the SAF Force Command, Gold Medal of the 5th Intelligence and Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Degree Medal of the 1st Brigade, and Service in the Peace Medal. She has also been awarded the foreign decorations, namely NATO Non-Article 5 Medal, and Commander Cross with Swords of the Order pro Merito Melitensi.

Major General Ermenc lives with her family in Kamnik.