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  Armed Forces

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Multinational Centre of Excellence for Mountain Warfare

Multinational Centre of Excellence for Mountain Warfare
Bohinjska Bela Military Post
Bela 150, SI-4263 Bohinjska Bela
T: +386 4 576 32 12
F: +386 4 572 00 07

Centre of Excellence is responsible for training individuals and units for operation in the mountains and other terrains difficult to pass.

Constituent units

  • Command
  • Support Section
  • Section for Education, Training and Exercises
  • Section for Doctrine, Development, Research and Learning from Experience


  • Prepare and implement courses and trainings for individuals and units.
  • Provide instructors, advisers and logistic support for trainings.
  • Organise seminars and conferences.
  • Provide mobile evaluation teams and education and training teams.
  • Publish publications.
  • Provide project groups.
  • Participate in the development of concepts and field-specific doctrines.
  • Participate in the development and testing of mountain warfare equipment.
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of mountain operations.
  • Distribute new knowledge.
  • Organise and execute alpine expeditions.


Training programmes at the Multinational Centre of Excellence for Mountain Warfare are designed for Slovenian Armed Forces individuals and units, and members of other NATO and Partner armed forces. The Centre provides the following courses:

  • Military Mountaineering
  • Combat Decision-Making in the Mountains
  • Small Unit Tactics in the Mountains
  • Surviving in the Mountains
  • Military Alpine Climbing
  • Military Mountain Rescue
  • Military Mountain Guiding