Republic of Slovenia
  Ministry of Defence
  General Staff of the Slovenian
  Armed Forces

  Vojkova cesta 55
  SI-1000 Ljubljana
  T: +386 (0)1 471 22 11
  F: +386 (0)1 471 16 50
  E: glavna.pisarna.gssv(at)

430th Naval Division

430th Naval Division
Slovenski pomorščaki Barracks
Jadranska cesta 11, SI-6280 Ankaran
Phone: +386 5 653 44 00
Fax: +386 5 652 65 79



Constituent units

Underwater Special Operations Detachment,
- Multipurpose Vessel Detachment,
- Naval Operations Centre
- Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon


- Ensure readiness for operations in the port water area.
- Establish military control and implement military navigation regime.
- Conduct counter-mine and counter-sabotage operations within port water area.
- Participate in anti-ship operations.
- Participate in the protection of own and allied military facilities in ports and anchorages against terrorist acts.
- Identify and communicate possible threats within port water area.
- Conduct tasks according to plans in the event of port water area accidents.
- Participate in the organisation and implementation of host nation support.