Republic of Slovenia
  Ministry of Defence
  General Staff of the Slovenian
  Armed Forces

  Vojkova cesta 55
  SI-1000 Ljubljana
  T: +386 (0)1 471 22 11
  F: +386 (0)1 471 16 50
  E: glavna.pisarna.gssv(at)


The Slovenian Armed Forces is not divided into branches, but it includes nine services:

• infantry,
• armoured units,
• aviation,
• naval units,
• artillery,
• air defence,
• engineering,
• chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence in
• signals.

Types of forces

In terms of their combat role, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into:

• combat forces,

• combat support forces,

• combat service support forces and

• command support forces.


In terms of deployment capability, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into:

• deployable forces and

• non-deployable forces.

In terms of operational readiness, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into:

• high readiness forces (2 – 90 days)

• low-readiness forces (91 – 180 days) and

• long-term build up forces (over 365 days).

Organisation of forces

In line with coordinated planning and in terms of the Combined Joint Task Forces Concept the Slovenian Armed Forces are organised as:

• land component,
• maritime component,
• air component in and
• special operations forces.