Contemporary Military Challenges

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Year 19/3, September 2017 (PDF - 2,5 MB) Table of contents




The CMC is an interdisciplinary scientific and technical publication, which publishes articles on topical issues, research and expert discussions, as well as on technical and social science analyses covering the fields of:


  • International and national security and defence,
  • Global security challenges,
  • Crisis management,
  • Civil-military cooperation and
  • Operations, development and transformation of the armed forces.


In 2017, authors are especially invited to write on:

  • Security as an imperative
    (Development and transformation of the armed forces, cyber security, emerging military and security networks etc.)
  • Article submission deadline 28 February 2017


  • Veteran organisations – are they even needed?

  • Article submission deadline 17 March 2017

  • Migrations and security on the Old Continent
    (The turbulent Middle East, terrorism in Europe, experiences of nations in the field of migrations, European response to migrations etc.)
  • Article submission deadline 15 September 2017

  • Security forces of the future
    (New old ways of manning the armed forces, achieving capability targets, international operations and missions etc.)
  • Article submission deadline 13 October 2017


Authors are welcome to send their articles throughout the year. In case they would like to write about one of the above mentioned subjects, they should pay attention to the dates related to specific issues.


Articles must be written in line with the Instructions to authors.
Derogatory or disrespectful articles will not be accepted and processed.


Articles, published in the Contemporary Military Challenges do not
reflect the official viewpoint of the Slovenian Armed Forces nor the
bodies in which the authors of articles are employed.


The publication is indexed in bibliography databases COBISS.SI and PAIS International. 



Editor in Chief: Alan Geder, Major General


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