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The SAF organises leadership seminar for non-commissioned officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Between 12 and 23 June, the Kadetnica military facility in Maribor is the venue of the leadership seminar for non-commissioned officers (NCOs) of the Ukranian Armed Forces. This was the first course by the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) and its Non-Commissioned Officer School to be conducted entirely in English and for NCOs from non-NATO countries.

At the beginning of the course, the candidates were first addressed by SAF Command Senior Enlisted Leader Command Sergeant Major Igor Tomašič and Command Sergeant Major Janez Šmid. The seminar was led by First Sergeant Aleksander Varga, commander of the training platoon of the senior military NCO education and training at Non-Commissioned Office School.

Major General Geder underlined the importance of the NCO corps both in Slovenian and other NATO and partner armed forces. He also emphasized the importance of the experiences that senior NCOs gain when working with senior officers. He assigned special importance to the commanding team, which involves close cooperation of the unit NCO and the unit commander, since only a successful commanding team can lead the soldiers in peacetime and combat activities.
Representatives of the Slovenian Armed Forces NCO corps work with the representatives of other NATO and partner armed forces to establish and reinforce mutual cooperation. In line with the Plan of Slovenian Armed Forces NCO corps activities for 2017, the major tasks also include intensification of active international cooperation within the partnership in order to provide a concrete contribution to the development of contemporary NCO corps of partner states.
Lecturers at the seminar included members of the SAF Non-Commissioned Officer School and other SAF units, as well as senior NATO NCOs, among them NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Chief Master Sergeant Jack Johanson and Command Senior Enlisted Leader for NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO) Command Sergeant Major Davor Petek. The programme included various topics and subjects presenting the successful development of the SAF NCO corps, the effective performance of NCO chain of support as well as the latest results and achievements in the field of NCO military education and training system. The course also highlighted NATO’s NCO development model, leadership theory, gender perspective, ratio between officers and NCOs, the role of NCOs in combat operations planning, the basics of andragogy and the formation and development of military education and training programmes.

Photo: Carmen Kos | CHOD's Office | Public Affairs Section