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The first Slovenian Armed Forces eFP contingent ready to deploy to Latvia

By successfully completing a tactical live-fire exercise of the multipurpose Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence Battalion, which will form the first part of Slovenian contingent in NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission in Latvia, members of the first eFP contingent confirmed their readiness prior to their deployment to Latvia.

Members of the first eFP contingent successfully underwent the examination and verification of the unit as well as the qualification of the multipurpose CBRN Defence Battalion to perform collective tasks. They have additionally confirmed this during the tactical live-fire exercise. In June, the Slovenian Armed Forces will deploy its first contingent to a six-month mission within NATO eFP effort in Latvia.

The formation and operation of multinational eFP units on the Alliance's eastern flank are based on common decisions of the North Atlantic Council. The decision to deploy multinational battalion battle groups in Poland and the three Baltic states was reached at the highest political level at NATO Summit in July 2016 in Warsaw. The positioning of these units on the eastern flank reflects the Alliance’s unity, cohesion, decisiveness, determination and solidarity and sends out a message that every allied nation is backed by the entire Alliance and that any aggression against any allied nation will be deterred using an adequate joint military response. The use of eFP battalion battle groups is under strict political control of NATO, which is a consensus-based alliance.

Photo: SAF 1st Brigade