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The first SAF contingent in Latvia conducts demanding decontamination operations

In the month of July, after having decontaminated a Polish tank company and a Spanish motorised company, members of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) contingent deployed in the mission Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Latvia also decontaminated Italian and Canadian motorised companies and a Spanish engineer company. Despite the high temperatures and a large number of vehicles and crews, members of the multipurpose CBRN Platoon have done an excellent job. The decontamination of Canadian motorised company was also observed by Commander and Senior Enlisted Leader of the Battalion Battle Group.

In this way, the CBRN Platoon gained valuable experience, but mainly the confidence, which confirms the professionality of their actions. In addition to the decontamination procedures, they have also perfected the procedures of setting up a decontamination station. During the last weekend of July, contingent members inspected, cleaned and prepared the necessary equipment and vehicles for the following week when logistics units of the Canadian battalion battle group are scheduled to arrive to the decontamination station.

Photo: Sergeant 1st Class Matej Perko and Staff Sergeant Janže Klun