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The 2nd SAF contingent assumes tasks in the Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Latvia

On Sunday, 17 December, the Adaži military camp in Latvia was the venue of a ceremony marking the handover of duties between 1st and 2nd Slovenian contingents in the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission in Latvia. Captain Gorazd Stergar took over the duty of contingent commander from his predecessor Captain Primož Bernard.

The ceremony was also attended by Commander of the 1st Brigade of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Colonel Robert Glavaš, Commander of the 1st Brigade of the Latvian Armed Forces and Commander of the Adaži military camp, Colonel Ilmar Lejinš, and distinguished representatives of the participating nations.

In his speech, Captain Bernard expressed his appreciation to servicemembers of armed forces participating in the Latvian battalion battle group. He highlighted the challenges that the SAF contingent and the battle group as a whole had faced in the beginning of their operation, but had managed to overcome with good collaboration. He considered the work of the 1st contingent as diligent and, as such, successful.

The gathered were also addressed by Colonel Glavaš, who said that despite the challenges, the 1st contingent managed to complete its task successfully, and wished all the best to the incoming contingent. He expressed his belief that due to their good training they would be able to perform successfully. He also used the opportunity to wish them happy holidays.

The Republic of Slovenia operates in Latvia under the leadership of Canada as the lead nation of the battalion battle group, which also includes Albania, Italy, Poland and Spain. Currently, the Slovenian Armed Forces participates in the eFP mission with the second 49 member contingent. The bulk of the contingent is composed of the multipurpose CBRN platoon with attached elements. The deployed SAF members take part in peacekeeping activities of eFP forces (exercises, training, movements to protect own forces and other peacetime activities to ensure and maintain a comprehensive and enhanced deterrent and defensive posture of NATO).

During its first month of deployment, the 2nd contingent has been mainly working on the integration of the contingent into the battalion battle group. The Forward Attack Controller team has already taken place in field training of an Italian infantry company to which it is subordinated, and the CBRN platoon has been familiarizing itself with the equipment and the capabilities of the companies organic to the battle group. SAF members working in the battle group command HQ have assumed their duties and affiliated themselves with the staff. Military Police members integrated themselves into the work of the multinational Military Police unit who moved to new premises last month.