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The 23rd SAF Contingent assumes tasks in the international operation UNIFIL

On Saturday, 2 December, a ceremony took place at Camp Shama in Lebanon marking a solemn handover of duties between the 22nd and 23rd Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) UNIFIL contingents. Major Nina Raduha was relieved by Major Charles Benedejčič. The ceremony was observed by Commander, Sector West, Brigadier General Rodolf Sgang accompanied by over 50 distinguished guests, who included Slovenian military attaché Lieutenant Colonel Janko Šteh, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia to Lebanon, His Excellency Raymond El-Hachem, Head of the Strategic, Research and Studies Centre of the Lebanese Army, General Fadi Abi Faraje, representative of the Lebanese Armed Forces’ southern command, Brigadier General Mohamed Raumie, and Chief of Majdalzoun Police Adnan Hajje.
In her address, Major Raduha expressed her appreciation to members of the 22nd Contingent and stressed that it had been their joint effort that enabled them to bring their six-month endeavour to a successful and professional close. The gathered were also addressed by Lieutenant Colonel Šteh who said that he was extremely proud of the outgoing contingent and certain that the incoming contingent would do its best as well. The keynote speech was delivered by General Sganga who commended the performance of the outgoing contingent and welcomed on the team the incoming contingent which he knows would strive to achieve the highest standards.


The contingent's tasks include the control of its area of responsibility, including the control of the border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel as well as of all entry points into the southern part of Lebanon. SAF members also assist members of the Lebanese Armed Forces in achieving and maintaining stability in the country as well in the execution of staff duties in UNIFIL Sector West Command.