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The 22nd UNIFIL Contingent works hard through its final month of deployment

The 22nd Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) UNIFIL contingent will hand over its duties on 2 December. In addition to its regular operational tasks during its last month of operation, it also carried out concluding activities related to long-term projects both of the contingent itself as well as of Sector West and UNIFIL.

The several-month and gradual effort of all actors led by Commander, Sector West and including the Lebanese Armed Forces, Italian battalion and Slovenian military especially focused on one of the common final goals, i.e. the acceptance of UNIFIL units throughout the area of operation. Their activities included personal contribution of UNIFIL’s key leaders, incorporation of the female population in UNIFIL’s activities, as well as various projects and arrangements. In addition to these activities, members of the Slovenian contingent carried out a mixed ground patrol on foot where they were welcomed openly as mission representatives.

Additional contribution to the recognition and acceptance of UNIFIL’s mission was made by contingent commander Major Nina Raduha who took up on the invitation of the American University of Beirut and held a lecture on peacekeeping efforts in southern Lebanon for over 250 post-graduate students, professors, academic doctors from different Lebanese universities and several distinguished guests, including Mr Raymond el Hacem, the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia to Lebanon.

The 22nd Slovenian UNIFIL Contingent concluded its six-month international effort by attending a working and sporting social day with members of the Korean contingent.