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Sports has the power to inspire, unite and bind

The 30th World Military Championship in Cycling opened on Saturday, 12 May, in Kamnik. The race, which will be held on Sunday, 13 May, at 13:00 and includes 43 participants from nine countries (Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, France, Latvia, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Slovenia), will also include seven Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) members.  

The keynote speaker was Commander of the SAF Sports Unit Lieutenant Colonel Jure Velepec. In his speech, he underlined that sports was a world phenomenon, which binds people regardless of their race, gender and religion. It therefore provides everybody with a unique opportunity to try themselves psychologically, physically and emotionally. In military organisations, sports is a means to promote collective spirit as well as a professional and versatile way to improve physical fitness of servicemembers. He concluded by saying that sports has the power to inspire, unite and bind.

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Photo: Damjan Vodenik