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Slovenian military medical and sanitary personnel in Kosovo excellently prepared for the most challenging tasks

During the last week of May, the KFOR military camp Villaggio Italia in Peć, Kosovo was the venue of the exercise GRAY TIGER. Among other things, the scenario of the exercise also envisaged a large number of injured military personnel, enacted by members of the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W). Members of the 39th SAF KFOR contingent in Kosovo also participated in the exercise. They were represented by the sanitary team of the national support element and the battle rescue team of the Sierra Company. During the exercise, members of the Slovenian contingent demonstrated due professionalism, motivation and competence, and therefore collaborated perfectly with members of Italian, Austrian and Moldavian armed forces. In this way, they jointly brought to practice the main motto of the Multinational Battle Group West: Four Nations, One Force.

Photo: PAO, MNBG-W