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Slovenian contingent adds to the success of the joint military exercise in Latvia

In the last week of May, the 4th SAF Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) contingent in Latvia took part in the Battalion Battle Group exercise TESTUDO KNOCKING. Through joint training, the participants increase their competence and level of interoperability with fellow battalion battle group members from the armed forces of other partner nations. The exercise concluded on Friday, 31 May with a live-fire exercise of the entire battle group. The contingent under the command of Major Nataša Svetina took over in December 2018 the Adaži military base in Latvia. The bulk of the fourth contingent, which operates within the Canadian-led Battalion Battle Group, is composed of the Slovenian Armed Forces reconnaissance platoon, enhanced with a squat of the Armed Forces of Montenegro. The contingent also includes a Joint Terminal Attack Controller team, individuals in the command and staff structure, and the national support element.

The contingent performs peacetime activities, which include exercises, training and other peacetime activities. By participating in the Enhanced Forward Presence, Slovenia expresses its support to the strengthening of NATO’s comprehensive and credible deterrence and defence posture. In this way, the Alliance responds to a significantly changed security environment, dynamics and threats on its eastern flank. With its presence in the Baltics, the Alliance provides additional assurance measures to the most vulnerable Eastern Allies, who feel particularly at risk and have therefore requested assistance from NATO. The participation in the mission also contributes to the upgrading of interoperability with Allied forces, better competencies and training, as well as to the strengthening of the readiness and combat capability of units and members of the Slovenian Armed Forces.