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SAF successfully accomplishes accreditation of the JTAC School and programme

On Wednesday, 18 April, the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) General Staff was the venue of the reporting by accreditation groups from the multinational Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee (JFS ESC) and Forward Air Controller Capability Section (FCS) of the Allied Air Command. The group reported on the outcomes of the revision of the Air Ground Operation School (AGOS) and the national Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) programme.

The report was delivered to Deputy Chief of the General Staff Brigadier General Alenka Ermenc accompanied by senior representatives of the SAF Force Command and 15th Wing, and U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation. The overall assessment of accreditation teams has confirmed the synchronization of national JTAC documents; training procedures used in AGOS and competence of JTACs in the SAF’s operational units. It has also confirmed the extension of accreditation for the following three years.

The successfully confirmed accreditation represents the next important milestone in the establishment of the SAF Regional JTAC School, since it enables further execution of the internationally recognised JTAC course. The revision was carried out in the 15th Wing, 1st Brigade and the Special Operations Unit and was especially focused on the execution of an accredited JTAC Certification Course. The successfully accomplished accreditation of the JTAC programme and AGOS adds to the international validity and recognisability of the JTAC domain in the Slovenian Armed Forces and enables further bilateral cooperation with other AGOSs regarding the exchange of JTAC instructors.

The revision coincided with the completion of the JTAC Certification Course, which had taken place between 16 March and 20 April at SAF AGOS. The five-week course was attended by seven foreign candidates from four countries who have all successfully completed the course. In addition to JTAC instructors from AGOS, and JTAC instructors and JTACs from the SAF, the course included three foreign JTAC instructors and two foreign lecturers in individual fields of expertise. The course was composed of a theoretical and a practical part. A part of the training was also carried out using a JTAC simulator of the Hungarian Armed Forces at Szolnok Helicopter Base. During the course, students trained model procedures at AGOS. This was followed by aircraft control at various locations throughout Slovenia, and live shooting drill with the coordination of artillery fire and air support at central SAF training area Postojna. The last week was intended for training in demanding tactical situations.

The AGOS operating at the Cerklje ob Krki airport represents an important contribution of the Republic of Slovenia to regional cooperation in the field of JTAC training. Since the first accreditation in 2016, four accredited JTAC courses were carried out. They were successfully completed by 19 candidates from Slovenia and five friendly states. The next course at AGOS will begin in September and will for the first time include the following three NATO member states.