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SAF NCOs conduct Leadership Seminar for NCOs of the Armed Forces of North Macedonia

Friday, 14 June, marked the conclusion of the Leadership Seminar for NCOs of the Armed Forces of North Macedonia, which was held at Kadetnica military facility in Maribor, Slovenia. The seminar, which was organised for the third consecutive time, was conducted between 3 and 14 June, entirely in English and under the auspices of NATO. It was intended for NCOs of the armed forces who are not yet members of the Alliance. All candidates successfully completed the course and received certificates.

Seminar participants included sixteen members of the Armed Forces of North Macedonia and four instructors – observers, members of the armed forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Moldavian Armed Forces. The seminar conducted by the SAF Non-commissioned Officer School under the auspices of NATO’s DEEP initiative was led by First Sergeant Aleksander Varga, from the Non-commissioned Officer School. At the end of the course, First Sergeant Varga said that all the set goals of the seminar programme had been achieved and that seminar participants have developed friendships, which is an important networking factor among the NCOs of NATO and partner countries. The aim of the seminar was thus fully fulfilled and represents a good basis for further collaboration of NCO corps of the participating countries. During the closing part of the seminar, First Sergeant Varga expressed his appreciation to all the participating instructors and students and concluded by saying: “The seed has been planted and, now, it is up to us if we will water it so it can sprout and grow.”
Photo: Carmen Kos | CHOD’s Office | PA Section