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SAF contingent in Latvia important for the good CREVAL results

In the first half of March, the 6th Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) contingent in Latvia participated in the main integration exercise CRYSTAL ARROW in the Adaži training area. During the exercise, the CREVAL method was used to evaluate and confirm the Battalion Battle Group's readiness to operate in the eFP. Again, members of the SAF contingent actively contributed to the good result with their high level of competence, motivation and professionalism. During the exercise, they also received a visit by SAF's NATO an EU Military Representative Brigadier General David Humar.
The bulk of the 6th eFP contingent, commanded by Captain Vasja Bučar, is composed of a 120 mm mortar platoon. It also includes a mortar platoon of the Slovenian Armed Forces with a squad of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, and a national support element. The Republic of Slovenia operates in Latvia under Canada as the lead nation of the battalion battle group, which also includes Albania, Italy, Poland and Spain. The Slovenian Armed Forces takes part in the enhanced Forward Presence in Latvia with a contingent of up to 50 troops. They are actively involved in the conduct of peacetime peacekeeping activities, such as exercises, training events, movements to protect own forces, and other peacetime activities ensuring and maintaining a comprehensive and reinforced NATO’s defence and deterrence posture .
By taking part in the Enhanced Forward Presence, Slovenia supports the strengthening of NATO’s comprehensive and credible deterrence and defence posture. In this way, the Alliance is responding to a significantly changed security environment, dynamics and threats on its eastern flank. With its presence in the Baltics, the Alliance provides additional assurance to the most vulnerable Eastern Allies, who feel particularly at risk and have therefore requested assistance from NATO. The participation in the Enhanced Forward Presence also contributes to the upgrading of interoperability with Allied forces, better competencies and training, as well as to the strengthening of the readiness and combat capability of units and members of the Slovenian Armed Forces. The operation sends a clear deterrent message that any aggression against any allied nation will be deterred using an adequate joint military response.