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Preparations for the multinational exercise Adriatic Strike 2017 soon to be completed

The two-day Final Planning Conference of the exercise Adriatic Strike 2017, which took place at Jernej Molan Barracks in Cerklje ob Krki, closed on Thursday, 20 April. Adriatic Strike 2017 will be conducted in cooperation with allied states. With the support of air force capabilities, it will provide training of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers.

In addition to Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) members, conference participants included members of the armed forces of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, FYROM, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Romania and the USA. On behalf of Commander of the SAF 15th Wing, they were addressed by Major Mitja Lipovšek, Head of the Exercise Operations Centre.

Conference participants, who announced their participation in the exercise, were acquainted with the organisation and the concept of the exercise. Divided according to divisions, they continued with planning activities for the exercise, which is to take place in the main SAF training range in Postojna, the broader area of Soriška Planina, Gotenica, Loka pri Žusmu – Velika Špička and in the municipalities of Celje and Trbovlje, where aircraft will only simulate air support. To provide for safety precautions as well as safe and continuous air traffic, occasional airspace closures will apply over exercise areas.

The ceremony marking the beginning of Adriatic Strike 2017 will be conducted within the Open Day of the Jernej Molan Barracks on Sunday, 4 June, at 10.00 at the Cerklje airfield.