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“No challenge is too big, if we work together”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 and 11 April, Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Major General Alan Geder hosted the visit of Chairman of NATO Military Committee General Petr Pavel. The pair discussed NATO's current security challenges, the ways of providing stability outside the Alliance, NATO's international operations and missions, and the contribution of the Slovenian Armed Forces to collective security.

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee General Petr Pavel emphasized that NATO had been adjusting to the changed security environment and that member states should do the same. In this way, the Alliance would stay strong, flexible and up to its tasks. In his lecture to senior SAF officers, General Pavel highlighted NATO’s current challenges including cyber threats, hybrid warfare and terrorism, and reminded that no challenge is too big, if we all work together. In his opinion, the meeting of member states’ commitments and fair burden sharing are the most effective and the economical ways of providing security.

During his visit to Slovenia, General Pavel met with the Minister of Defence Ms Andreja Katič. During their talks, they touched upon the changed security environment and the adjustment to it. General Pavel’s estimation was that the Alliance was in for a great twist. The meeting of the heads of state and government of NATO member countries in July will bring the introduction of a transparent picture of the situation regarding the fair burden sharing among member states. According to General Pavel, a reaffirmation of the unity of member states and their commitment to progress will be important. Minister Andreja Katič presented Slovenia’s efforts in the field of reinforcement of the defence budget, modernisation of the Slovenian Armed Forces and contribution to operations. In this respect, General Pavel especially stressed the importance of the effectiveness and usefulness of the smaller countries’ contributions. The pair exchanged their views on the security situation in the Western Balkans and on the approaching of the countries in the region to Euro-Atlantic structures. Finally, General Pavel highlighted the good practice of Denmark, where a new long-term defence agreement was adopted, which was based on the consensus of all political parties, thus providing for the continuity of its implementation.

On the second day of his visit, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee met with representatives of the Defence Committee and was received by the President of the Republic of Slovenia and Commander-in-Chief of the SAF, Borut Pahor. At the end of General Pavel’s visit, SAF Force Commander Brigadier General Milko Petek acquainted him with the activities of the SAF Force Command at Vrhnika.

Photo: Bruno Toič

Video (youtubeMORS): Robert Cotič