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Multinational military exercise Adriatic Strike 2017 completes

On Friday, 9 June, the closing ceremony held at Jernej Molan Barracks in Cerklje ob Krki marked the conclusion of the multinational exercise Adriatic Strike 2017, where the Slovenian Armed Forces cooperated with other allied countries supported by the air force in the organisation of the joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) training.

Exercise Director Colonel Bojan Brecelj, Commander of the 15th Wing, thanked exercise participants for their cooperation and their contribution to the well accomplished exercise. In the five-day period, exercise participants carried out a total of 741 close air support missions, 50 of them by night. Colonel Brecelj concluded his speech by expressing a wish that everybody meets again next year at Adriatic Strike 2018.

The training of 41 JTAC teams took place at six different locations around Slovenia. At the main SAF training range Postojna, aircraft, tanks, mortars and guns were providing fire support, while in the wider surroundings of Soriška Planina, Gotenica, Loka pri Žusmu – Velika Špička and in the municipalities of Celje and Trbovlje, aircraft only simulated air support. 

The exercise, which was organised and led by the 15th Wing in cooperation with and with the support of other Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) units, included 500 participants, 250 of whom were members of armed forces from 20 allied nations. JTAC training was supported by five different types of helicopters from three nations and six different types of fixed-wing aircraft from seven nations.

On this occasion, the Slovenian Armed Forces wants to express its appreciation to the inhabitants of the areas where JTAC training activities took place for their support and understanding.

Photo: Daniel Mlakar, Public Affairs Section, SAF GS