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Multinational exercise Triglav Star 2018

The exercise Triglav Star 2018 took place between 10 and 21 September 2018 around Bohinjska Bela, at Mačkovec training and shooting range, and at Soriška planina. For the fourth year in a row, members of the 132nd Mountain Regiment organised a joint training in mountaineering skills, during which members of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) 1st Brigade collaborated with members of British and U.S. Armed Forces.

The exercise incorporated two phases. During the first week, it focused on the training in individual military mountaineering skills, while the second week was dedicated to the training in collective tasks concerning the operational tactics of small tactical units in the mountains. For this purpose, a field exercise was organised between 17 and 19 September around Soriška planina, where exercise participants used training ammunition.

At the opening ceremony, Commander of the 132nd Mountain Regiment Colonel Robert Klinar noted that the training required much more than is usually required from infantrymen during their basic operations. He added that exercise participants were there to exchange their knowledge and show that they are capable of executing joint operations at the highest possible military level.

During the exercise participants tested their skills and knowledge in movement, survival and combat operations in medium-high mountain regions. The training was conducted around the clock on a relatively small surface, in very different types of terrain and in changing weather conditions. Logistics and medical support were provided by the SAF Logistics Brigade.

Photo: Captain Robert Gasser, 132nd Mountain Regiment/1st Brigade