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Members of the SAF 1st Brigade in northern Iraq successfully train Iraqi security forces

Members of the third group of the 1st Slovenian Contingent in the mission Inherent Resolve have worked with the instructors from the German contingent in training the security forces in northern Iraq. They have simultaneously trained 25 candidates, company or platoon commanders, from various units. The course has focused on tactical procedures of stabilisation operations, such as setting up check points and observation posts, carrying out base defence procedures, patrolling and performing cordon and search.

Members of the 1st Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Contingent in the mission Inherent Resolve have substantively changed the training of members of security forces in northern Iraq carried out under the umbrella of Kurdistan Training Coordination Centre (KTCC). The training has been taking into consideration the course of Iraqi armed forces offensive in operation Eagle Strike and their advance towards Mosul as well as a changed asymmetric way of Islamic State operations. The security forces training have therefore focused on stabilisation operations and training of the key personnel and instructors of the Kurdish Security Forces.
Photo: SVNKON 01 OIR