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Members of the 2nd Slovenian eFP Contingent ready to assume tasks in Latvia

Between Monday, 30 October and Monday, 20 November, members of the 2nd Slovenian Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) contingent took part in the multinational exercise Allied Spirit VII in Germany, where the validation of readiness skills of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence (CBRN Def) Platoon took place regarding their deployment to Latvia.

The US Army Europe-directed exercise Allied Spirit is focused on the Baltic wing of the Alliance. The aim of the exercise is to strengthen the Alliance and to improve the interoperability among NATO member states as well as to increase the readiness of forces in specific combat functions. The exercise specifically aimed at training the multinational brigade and NATO eFP battalion in support of NATO’s deterrence posture in the Baltics. Members of the multinational CBRN Def Platoon operated as part of the Lithuanian mechanised brigade and trained in the execution of collective tasks. In the Joint Military Readiness Center (JMRC), Hohenfels, where trainees can take part in realistic training of multinational operations scenarios, Slovenian observers and controllers also tested their skills and competences.

The exercise included some 3700 participants from thirteen different countries. Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces received commendation for the excellent execution of tasks during the exercise. By passing the final validation, members of the 2nd Slovenian eFP contingent confirmed that they are ready to assume the tasks and be deployed to a six-month mission in Latvia.

Photo: members of the 2 eFP SVNCON