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Members of Tank Platoon attend an exercise in Hohenfels, Germany

Between Monday, 26 November and Friday, 14 December, members of the 45th Tracked Combat Vehicle Centre of the 157th Logistics Regiment, Logistics Brigade will take part in the multinational military exercise Combined Resolve XI, which is taking place at Joint Multinational Readiness Centre in Hohenfels, Germany.

In addition to the above mentioned Slovenian Armed Forces members, the exercise, which will be conducted in two phases (26 Nov – 14 Dec 2018 and 14 – 25 Jan 2019), includes more than 5,500 members of NATO armed forces from 16 countries. The Slovenian Armed Forces is contributing a Tank Platoon (with four M-84 tanks) and the corresponding logistics support, as well as 19 members of the 157th Logistics Regiment. The aim of the exercise is to increase the level of competence of Slovenian Armed Forces armoured units to perform full-spectrum combat operations in collaboration with allied units. In the exercise, the platoon of the 45th Tracked Combat Vehicle Centre works within the 1-4INF/B-CO (OPFOR) of the U.S. Armed Forces as part of the logistics support element.

Photo: Captain Mile Marinković, 157th Logistics Regiment