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Leadership NCO Seminar for members of Ukrainian Armed Forces hosts Command Senior Enlisted Leader for Allied Command Operations

On Thursday, 22 June, the Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) for Allied Command Operations (ACO) Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Davor Petek, accompanied by CSEL of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) CSM Igor Tomašič, visited the 72nd Brigade Command and the 74th Infantry Regiment, and later during his visit delivered a lecture at the Kadetnica military facility.

Chief of Staff of the 72nd Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Tomaž Radoševič acquainted CSM Petek with the organisation and functioning of the 72nd Brigade, while Commander of the 74th Infantry Regiment introduced the course of forming a battalion battle group. Towards the end of his visit, CSM Petek attended the static and dynamic presentations of weapons and equipment of the 72nd Brigade and delivered a lecture on NATO NCO Development at the Kadetnica military facility. His lecture was attended by members of the Military Schools Centre and SAF non-commissioned officer (NCO) corps as well as Ukrainian NCOs, participants of the Leadership NCO Seminar. The latter also listened to CSM Petek’s lecture on leadership and building of the NCO corps as an institution.

1–7: Captain Dušan Petrovič, CHOD's Office, Public Affairs Section
8-12: Corporal Boštjan Pogorevc, Military Schools Centre