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Joint training Triglav Star 2019 concludes with a ceremony

On Friday, 18 October, the joint training Triglav Star 2019, organized by the members of the 132nd Mountain Regiment of the Slovenian Armed Forces 1st Brigade came to an end. The exercise, which took place at the Boštjan Kekec Barracks in Bohinjska Bela, at the Mačkovec shooting and training range, and at mount Soriška Planina, was attended by members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the reserve forces of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the US Army and observers from Italy. The training also included members of the contract reserve of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

The joint training, which aimed at training military mountaineering skills, mountain warfare procedures and day and night movement through different mountain terrains concluded with a ceremony and conferral of awards upon the best participants. During the exercise, participants were overcoming altitude differences with combat equipment and gaining new experiences of mountain survival. During the tactical exercise of smaller units, they combined the rope-down technique, tactical off-road movement, as well as attack on the enemy.

Such training enables Slovenian Armed Forces members, both active and reserve, to increase the level of interoperability with other NATO armed forces as well as to gain new knowledge and valuable experiences. The success of the exercise also showed that despite the language differences, training participants are able to function as one unit in the execution of both simple and demanding tasks. Logistics and medical support was provided by members of the Logistics Brigade.

Photo: Members of the 132nd  Mountain Regiment (1st Brigade)