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Joint training of the SAF 1st Brigade signal soldiers and their partner signal company C Co/54th BEB/173rd IBCT(A)

Between Monday, 9 April and Friday,13 April, members of the Signal Company of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Combat Support Battalion/1st Brigade carried out joint training of signal soldiers with members of their partner signal company C Co/54th Brigade Engineer Battalion/173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne). The aim was to acquire new knowledge and experiences as well as synchronise the techniques and procedures used in handling HF radio devices.

The cooperation between SAF units and allied armed foces is of extreme importance due to the exchange of knowledge and experience resulting in mutual trust when working together in joint operations. The training, also known as Radio-Telephone Operators (RTO) Academy included work with the Tadiran PRC/TRC-40 device and communication techniques, while the participants also revised the knowledge about electromagnetic waves and their propagation in various conditions. The theoretical part of the training was carried out in the Edvard Peperko Barracks in Ljubljana, while the practical part of the training, which included different wireless communication techniques, took place at Mačkovec training area near Bohinjska Bela. Participants also tried various ways of setting up HF dipole anthenas and set up a KUA-35/5 wideband HF antenna for the first time.

Joint trainings in tactical procedures and radio communications techniques enable the expansion of knowledge and experiences in the handling of radio devices and other equipment as well as signal vehicles, and help build collective military spirit, also through sports activities. Cooperation between two partner units who have worked together before in two exercises Agile Titan and Eagle Phoenix continues with annual specialist trainings in Slovenia and Italy.

Photo: Sergeant 1st Class Matej Perko, Signal Company/1st Brigade