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Four months of deployment for the 8th SAF RSM contingent in Afghanistan

For four months, the 8th Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) Resolute Support Mission contingent in Afghanistan has been successfully performing training, advisory and assistance tasks aimed at Afghan Security Forces. Within the Resolute Support Mission in the western part of Afghanistan, the contingent has been actively involved in the Train, Advise and Assist Command – West (TAAC W) in Herat with the Italian Friuli Brigade recently appointed as the framework nation.

In the past period, the contingent focused on the preparation and execution of the parliamentary election as well as on the stabilisation of the situation, especially in the north and south of the area of operations. The parliamentary election has been successfully carried out and the advisory role now focuses on the presidential election to be held next year. An additional challenge is to stabilise the situation in the TAAC-W's area of operations, where the Afghan Security Forces are losing initiative, which is increasingly being taken over by the groups of insurgents, who are also assuming control over the territory. Consequently, throughout the advisory and training process, the TAAC-W command together with the Afghan Security Forces launched a number of operations aiming at the neutralisation of insurgents and stabilisation of the situation in the entire area of operations. In this respect, members of the Slovenian Armed Forces participating in the operations planning and monitoring processes have successfully supported these efforts and contributed as advisors to the increased combat readiness of the Afghan Security Forces.

In mid-October, Slovenian contingent received a visit by the SAF Force Commander Brigadier General Milko Petek, who met with a number of key members of the Resolute Support Mission. Members of the contingent also took part in delivering the regular annual report to Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Marjan Šarec through video conference.

On the occasion of the Italian Armed Forces Day in November, members of Slovenian contingent took part in a sports competition with the contingents in the Arena base, and won several medals in different military disciplines (shooting, bomb throwing). They have also successfully conducted a shooting drill at the New Dune shooting range just outside the Arena base.