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Exercise White Stallion is in full swing

The exercise White Stallion currently taking place in the area of the central Slovenian Armed Forces training range Postojna and Slovenska vas is in full swing.

The aim of the joint training of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) and U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) is to increase the level of competence and interoperability of SAF individuals and units as well as to gain experiences from the cooperation with USAREUR and use best practices to upgrade future training events. By exploiting the infrastructure and developing its capabilities, SAF units develop their tactical skills and procedures enabling their basic combat readiness and high competence for providing assistance within the protection and rescue system.

The key exercise participants from the SAF include members of the Transportation Platoon and Food Service Squad of the 670th Logistics Regiment, and a team of officers from the Logistics Brigade subordinate units. As secondary participants the exercise includes SAF members from the 1st Brigade (engineering and signals troops, paratroopers, military police, UAVs) and the 430th Naval Division (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon). The latter will test the functioning of the MRAP CAT II anti-tank vehicle (signals system, in-built electronic systems and specialist equipment). On the 7 March, the 15th Wing Cougar AS AL 532 helicopter will execute cargo loading. On 5 March, the Hercules C-130 aircraft from the U.S. airbase Rammstein will discharge heavy cargo in the vicinity of Slovenska vas, while on 7 March it will discharge light cargo and drop several U.S. (7) and Slovenian (3) paratroopers. Thursday, 15 March will mark the completion of the military occupational specialisation of armour NCOs carried out by the SAF’s 45th Tracked Fighting Vehicle Centre/157th Logistics Regiment.

The planning, organisation and execution of the joint exercise is in the domain of the Logistics Brigade. Between 7 and 9 March and 13 and 14 March, members of the USAREUR 21st Sustainment Command will carry out live shooting drill at the SAF’s central training area Postojna (Bač, Lipe). On Wednesday, 7 March, exercise activities will be presented to the distinguished guests. As part of civil-military cooperation activities, training participants will visit primary schools in Knežak and Pivka (6 March) and Šenčur (9 March). On 15 March, some 100 exercise participants will perform community service in cooperation with the Lipica Stud Farm.

Photo: Rajko Petek, Military Specialist, Class XI (OF-2), PAO